Baldur's Gate

By many accounts, Baldur’s Gate is now the most populous city in Faerun, surpassing even Waterdeep. While most regions were altered if not devastated by the Spellplague one hundred years ago, Baldur’s Gate remained relatively untouched, luring refugees from all across the continent into it’s reluctantly welcoming arms.

A refugee camp has been set up south of the town, opposite the city from the Chionthar River, among recently cut portions of the Cloakwood Forest. The Flaming Fists keep order as best they can.

Across the river from the refugee camp sits the dock district. Traders hailing from the southern kingdom of Calimshan, the Savage North, and throughout all of Faerun set sail to the city to unload goods and provisions that keep the swelling population fed, clothed, and thriving. Beneath the docks and the rest of the city are an interconnected system of sewers that have become a haven for less-desirable citizens.

Northwest of the docks lies the wealthy gated community of Bloomridge. The far north side of the city is now called Northgate, built up from the lumber harvested in the Cloakwood Forest.

Baldur's Gate

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