Tales of a Dwarven Druid

2nd Adventure

The Sword and the Scroll

Though still concerned about once again being deceived, our heroes awoke after a surprisingly peaceful sleep. These seemingly noble Dragonborn had kept their word and had indeed watched over them for the night. Later that same morning, all four of our adventurers met back up with Ghominn, the leader of the Dragonborn camp, and a member of sect known as The Order of the Dawn. He shared his story and his past with them and eventually trusted them enough to share with them his camp’s two most cherished possessions – the remains of The Longsword of Tempest, and an enigmatic and tattered scroll, which he was convinced was one part of the “Book of Five Truths.”

According to Ghominn, his sole duty was to get the scroll safely into the walls of Candlekeep. Once there, he hoped he would learn more about its’ history—and it’s place within the realm of Faerun. But with his soldiers weak and wounded, this journey was becoming more unlikely by the hour. However, with his newfound friendship with Rangrim, Manaf, An-Nasir, and the mysterious ranger, Mange, perhaps this was once again possible!

Unfortunately, before a decision could be reached about the final journey of the scroll, the camp found itself under fire. It was being flanked on two sides by a group of thugs, undoubtedly led by the treacherous Yori.

The noble An-Nasir and Manaf led their newly formed group to guard the eastern border while Ghominn and his kind stayed behind to try and defend themselves from a northern attack. Our heroes were very successful and were able to dispose of the men that formed the eastern attack. Sadly, the Dragonborn were not as fortunate.

Our heroes returned to camp to find it covered in flames! One by one, Yori and his lackeys had killed each member of the camp. Only Ghominn’s tent showed any signs of life or movement. And our group of heroes knew they had to try to get to this tent in an attempt to save him. But it was not meant to be. Before they could get to Ghominn, they had to fend off another large-scale attack.

Feeling betrayed and increasingly angry, Mange quickly focused his attention on their leader, Yori. With help from a skilled and determined Manaf, he eventually got the better of him, but it was at that monument that Yori showed his true form and shifted into a giant, human-sized rat. This brought out the beast within Mange and he once again attacked with even more rage! With two fast blows, he wounded and then beheaded their foe.



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