2-Bladed "Shifter" Ranger/Rogue


Name: “Mange”
Race: Shifter
Class: 2-Bladed Ranger/Rogue
Age: 26
Height: 6’0" Weight: 185 lbs.
Deity: Selune
Alignment: Unaligned
Personality: Reserved, Self-Assured, Skeptical, Impatient, Wild, Stern, Fierce, Driven, Restless – OVERALL: Independent (loner)
Appearance: Worn Skin (Arms, chest, and shoulders shrouded in primitive tattoos and brands); Short, hand-cut dirty blond hair; Piercing yellow eyes (like those of a timber wolf); other small, but noticeable features of a wolf – OVERALL: Physically, Mange is rough but VERY athletic in appearance. He is usually seen wearing a dark slate colored cloak, and he always carries two very worn, but detailed khopesh’s (these are his weapon of choice).
Homeland: The Gray Vale (The High Forest)


Background: Mange can not remember his birth or the 1st few years of his childhood, but something that still haunts his nightmares is the day his family (pack) never returned home. He has never seen nor heard from a member of his family since. Thus, at the young age of 6, “Mange” felt abandoned, alone, and scared. Luckily he was always extremely physically gifted, and even though he was quite young, he also had already been trained in wilderness survival. He got by just fine on his own for a couple of years….then one day while out hunting for food, he came upon a group of outside “human” hunters. This struck his curiosity so he tracked them back to their village – known to the outside world as Llorkh. The city was an entirely new life for Mange. It was an amazing site for a young kid. The mass of people, the technology, the buildings! These were all new to him. Maybe this exciting new place could be his new home? Maybe these people would take him in like one of their own? These where the two main things going trough his head at the time, but they were not to be. Though it was not what he has wished for, Mange quickly became a pest…and for survival, a thief. The harder he tried to “fit in” the more noses that were turned up his way. In a town filled with mostly Humans, half-elves and elves, he was unwanted. Due to his werewolf bloodlines, they considered him a savage. But he was to young to understand this so their prejudice “cut him to the bone.” The other more privileged children his age poked fun at him. The adults shewed him away like a wild dog or a feral cat. He did not realize it, but he was becoming extremely bitter. Despite being surrounded by the city, Mange was still on his own. Then one morning, with hunger setting in, he noticed some old boxes of smoked meats and rotten vegetables sitting out behind the village pub. Though he despised it, he had become accustomed to this life and eating these items. He didn’t think this day was any different from the last, but he was wrong. As he ravaged through the rotten food a group of 4 kids roughly his own age started to throw rocks at him and laugh as they poked fun his way. This quickly got out of control and the kids grew more and more aggressive. They had Mange pinned in a corner as they beat him with rocks, sticks, and garbage. The beast took over that day. It’s hard for him to recall the actual event, but he had snapped. The injuries he suffered sent him over the age and he lashed out. Killing one of the children and injuring the other three. He had to flee…and do so quickly. He fled back into the High Forest and for the most part, he has avoided the city-scape ever since. Once again alone, Mange has turned to the lore of Selune for guidance. Following her teachings, he has spent years trying to wrangle the beast within, but he knows there are times when he can’t control it and his disdain for the “outsiders” is something that definitely sets it off. He most certainly regrets what he did, and secretly yearns for acceptance, but he has built a wall around himself thus, he is now a loner pushing people away whenever he feels a bond forming. His time alone is spent honing his skills. He has become the hunter, the warrior…the survivor.

The Present: Even though over 600 miles away, “Mange” has heard the whispers & the rumors that hum through the High Forest. They speak of a power-hungry, evil Duke, and his pack of Lycans that now reside in the lands formally known as “The Wood of Sharp Teeth,” rebuilding a city that was once lost…one that was once ruled by the were-wolves. Since his traumatic childhood, Mange has turned to the guidance of Selune and roamed the wilderness in an attempt to subdue the beast within. But if these rumors are true, he views this as his opportunity to look his “ancestors” in the eye and face the monster within once and for all. The politics behind these rumors definitely do not concern him. Only the “skinchangers” that offer him a closer look at the bloodline that has made him what he is, are of priority.

Mange has traveled day and night in an effort to get closer to this region. He has done his best to avoid the cities, choosing to make his way through the wilderness instead. His route took him over the Star Mounts and then through Trollbark Forest, but now that he has traveled the final leg of his journey, he unfortunately has found himself in Baldur’s Gate, where he has stopped to seek information about these lands, and to restock some supplies that he exhausted on his journey. He has absolutely no desire to stay within the city walls any longer than he has to. He despises it and certainly is not at ease within the large population. He wants to leave, and in his opinion, the sooner the better…he’s starting to get restless!!!

In Short: Overall Mange is an “independent contractor” of sorts. One that tries to avoid attachments. A ranger that would take to a team for his “own good.” Not as much “selfish,” as he is skeptical of outside races and those from a civilization different from his own. At his heart, he is a good person that is protective of his team and his friends – but ironically, he would not let those around him know that he considers them companions, little long friends or people he cares about. If anything, the closer he felt to someone, the more he would “push them away.”


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