Human Male Fighter 1


Name: Manaf Race: Human (Calishite) Class: Fighter Age: 24 Size: 5’ 10”, 160 lbs. Deity: Selune


Appearance: sinewy, weathered and tanned, long black hair, clean-shaven, prominent tattoo of a crescent moon covering his right eye from his forehead to his cheek. Clean but beaten armor that looks very old,

Homeland: The deserts of Calimshan

Background and Personality: Manaf was born in the desert of Calimshan to a rebel family that has been fighting to expel the Genasi from Calimshan for three generations. His grandfather was a high-ranking soldier in the Pasha’s army in Calimport before the Spell-Plague broke out. With the arrival of the elementals, he led a group of soldiers into the desert to build a fortified stronghold in the desert caves to serve as a base of operations for military assaults. It ended up becoming a refugee camp for displaced people as well, living in constant threat of attack from the new rulers of Calimshan. Manaf was born a soldier and has been fighting along side the men of his people since he was 13 years old.

Manaf has an intense hatred for the Genasi, and has given his life to the cause of freeing his enslaved people. He wanders the realms now trying to find aid and raise awareness for his people’s plight, and he hopes to one day return to Calimshan with an army at his back. He is quiet and patient, but fights with silent fury when his anger is aroused. His sense of humor is very dark, and he is quite superstitious about minor things like desert foods and how sleeping arrangements should be set up.


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