Noble-born Fire Genasi from Calimshan; Warlord with a empathetic streak a mile-wide


An-Nasir grew up the eldest son of a wealthy Genasi lord in Calimport. He had a privileged, comfortable and, most importantly, sheltered youth where he trained in the use of weapons and in combat tactics. For him, combat was a game and not a matter of life and death. Additionally, he was a natural leader and was able to inspire devotion and loyalty from his younger siblings, extended family members and household slaves. This relationship with the household slaves is what eventually led him to come to the realization that these slaves were grossly mistreated. His compassion grew and he worked to ensure their lives would be easier and that they were treated as “employees” and not actual slaves. His discontentment with his family and with his people as a whole also grew. This behavior caused his father to attempt to force him to join a Genasi war party hunting humans in the desert.

There, in the deserts of Calimshan, he finally saw enough of his peoples’ way to defect. He left the war party and wandered the desert for days with the goal of finding humans and pledging his cause to their ultimate freedom. Finally, he was found by a group of humans who took him captive. He ultimately proved his commitment to them…in various “ways.” After a time he met Manaf, and after some initial…disagreements, the two were able to find alignment in their causes and set out north to help raise funds and arms to help overthrow the morally bankrupt Genasi government in Calimshan.

An-Nasir is a tall, well-muscled genasi that is naturally intimidating through his size, fire-aspect, and sheer force of will. He wears high quality hide armor and carries an arsenal of weapons. He is a brash young man, both loud and confident. He, obviously, can be off-putting or perceived as arrogant. That combined with his naïveté lead to altercations with those drawn to this natural charm and bleeding heart. He is almost obsessive in his commitment to helping the down-trodden and, especially, freeing oppressed or enslaved people.


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