Tales of a Dwarven Druid

5th Adventure
A song. A dance. A Frying Pan?!?

After our adventurers finished their meeting with Magthyra they decided to lay low for a few days as they prepared for the next leg of their journey. During this time they felt it was quite imperative to replenish their supplies and hone their skills. The ranger, Mange practiced his stealth and furthered his skills with the blade. An-Nasir took interest in the occult and dabbled in the arcane. Meanwhile, Rangrim studied the spider-like totem he had recently removed from the wounded body of Augie.

After a few days rest, it was time to continue on with the task at hand. Magthyra has promised aide and important information—but only under one condition. First the adventurers had to stakeout, and then eradicate the bandits still left in the Cloakwood Forest. It seemed like an easy enough chore, but our heroes would be sadly mistaken!

The first leg of the journey took them back across the river and out of the city walls of Baldur’s Gate. After the fairy took them across, they once again, found themselves in the filth ridden refugee camp. They certainly had no intention of staying long, but based on a plan they had formed, they decided they needed a carriage and a mule. Finn Taimore gladly sold them a run-down carriage and a old horse that was literally on it’s “last legs!”

The group had the needed supplies. They would wait until dusk at which point they would, use the horse and carriage to form a trap. According to the plan, Mange would sneak his way though the forest a few yards in front of the group, while Rangrim and the horse would act like a drunken peddler that was lost as he tried to make his was down the trail. Hopefully this would catch the bandits attention and they would attempt to rob him—at which point our heroes would make their surprise attack. But it was not to be…

After about an hours walk through the Cloakwood passage, our heroes heard some beautiful music emanating from further down the road. Mange scouted ahead, where he met a perceptive little tiefling. Though the tiefling obviously new Mange was hiding out within the cover of the forest, Mange refused show himself. After a game of “cat and mouse,” the musician strummed his lute and moved on down the path where he eventually met with the other three members of the group. At first Rangrim (who was leading the cart) tried to deceive the jovial little man. But the tiefling was far to cunning to be tricked. It took some time, but Rangrim and the others slowly realized that their cover had been blown. Through conversation, An-Nasir, Manaf, and Rangrim realized that this “bard” may very well know where the bandit’s camp was. So it was at this point that they finally came completely clean about their intentions.

The tiefling introduced himself as Vrago. According to Vrago, he had been living in the Cloakwood for quite some time. He new of the Dragonborn, and also seemed to know about the bandits and their whereabouts as well. Rangrim and the others grew to trust the happy-go-lucky Vrago, but Mange was not as easily swayed.

Along with Vrago, the group decided to camp for the night. Mange grew restless and asked the tiefling for the location of the bandit hideout. Vrago mapped out the location of cave where he claimed a good 25 men resided. Mange once again scouted ahead in order to gain more knowledge about the location. As he arrived at the cave, he did not sense much, if any movement. He wanted to get a closer look into the cave to gauge how many bandits laid within, but in order to do so, he would have to blow his cover…and he was not willing to do so! one thing he did notice were about a half-dozen, human sized holes in the ground. These where interesting to Mange, but he wasn’t quite sure what they were, or if they were even significant. Thus, he returned to camp where he reported his findings to An-Nasir.

At dawn our heroes returned to the cave. For quite some time, they laid low as they looked for any signs of life. They saw none. Feeling deceived, the highly strung Mange grew even angrier. He finally decided it was time to get a closer look…this was a mistake! Two large Ankhegs burst through the ground from the holes he had inspected the night before. One quickly brought the shifter into it’d clutches. Knowing that if they did not help, Mange would quickly be devoured, all of three of the remaining heroes advanced. However, Vrago quickly took a few steps back. Was he a traitor? Was this some kind of trap?

The four warriors fought gallantly, but the large centipede like creatures where quickly getting the better of them. Mange and Manaf where at death’s door, and things where beginning to look grim for Rangrim and An-Nasir as well. Realizing this, Vrago finally came closer and entered the battle in his own little way. He began to strum his lute once more…only this time the echoes from the instrument seemed to install new life into our champions. Somehow, this music was healing them!

With this new found energy, the four heroes were able to finally do away with the Ankhegs. This seemed to excite the tiefling. But Rangrim and his companions were not was amused! Why had Vrago set them up? Vrago quickly answered this question when he explained that he had once lived in that cave, but when the Ankhegs took over the area and he was forced to evacuate. He went into further detail by telling them that he could have accepted this, but he had left a nice skillet in the cave, and he wanted it back. So when he saw the heroes, he saw his chance to finally remove the insects. This obviously made our heroes furious, but since he had saved their lives, they simply could not kill the tricky bard.

So, they found shelter in Vrago’s cave—where they mended their wounds and began to refocus on their original mission.

3rd Adventure
In Search of Nine-Fingers!

It was only dawn, but the smell of burnt flesh filled the air, and the color of crimson coated the nearby land. Rangrim and his new companions, An-Nasir, Manaf, and Mange were the only figures left standing from the battle that had just taken place. As they surveyed the land, two things were extremely clear – the dead wererat they once knew as Yori had double-crossed them, and the war with the Dragonborn was over two relics that this group of bandits clearly deemed quite valuable. One of these relics was a shattered sword, its value was obvious. The other was a scroll-case that belonged to a larger library known as the “Book of Five Truths.” For our heroes, its value was still left to be determined.

Moments earlier, when the battle was dying down, Mange noticed two of the bandits escape into the forest with both items. One escaped on horseback. The other shifted into a grey wolf right before his eyes and also ran into the coverage. As they ran, he heard one proclaim, “I’ll let Nine-Fingers know!” Mange knew that in order to learn more he would need to track the survivors – and he was able to quickly establish that their trail led back into the refugee camp just outside of Baldur’s Gate.

After they all rested to tend to the wounds they had suffered in battle, a new leg of their journey began. By following the tracks left by the survivors, Rangrim and his allies were able to quickly make their way back into the walls of the camp. Once there, they split up on an information-gathering mission. The noble Genasi, An-Nasir, was able to quickly reestablish a connection with the Flaming Fist sergeant, Finn Taimore. As usual, Finn was a drunken mess of a man. And by playing to this addiction, An-Nasir was able to gather some helpful information and set-up a meeting with a Taimore to meet a local informant. Meanwhile, as he showered the foul streets of the camp, Manaf heard whispers of a local thieves guild known as “The Esteemed.” Perhaps Nine-Fingers, Yori and the rest of these thugs were all a part of this band?

The day turned to night, and the night, back into day. It was dawn, so our heroes decided to venture towards the Flaming Fist’s local outpost to meet back up with Finn Taimore and his informant, an older man with silver locks named Daft Temist. While at the outpost, the group also learned of a Dragonborn prisoner named Pasheen.

After a small payoff, Mr. Temist gave Rangrim, An-Nasir, and the rest of the group more information about Nine-Fingers, Yori, another thief named Augie, and the leader of The Esteemed, Magthyra. He also provided are heroes with the location of Yori’s home. According to Temist, this “lair” was located across the river, within the sewers of the dock district of Baldur’s Gate.

After a quick ride across the river on the local ferry, the ranger agreed to lead the group into the sewers. This system was even filthier than most! The walls were glazed with waste, and a horrible odor was quite prevalent. This disgusted a majority of our heroes, but in many ways, Rangrim felt right at home!

The sewers were filled with rats and ooze, but the warrior within Manaf came out, and despite the effects of “filth-fever,” Manaf quickly did away with the rodents. Eventually, the group found Yori’s home. It was quite meager. It more-or-less resembled a shack. In the corner of the room, lay the decomposed body of a member of the Flaming Fists. It was covered with yet more rodents and two large dire rats. Undoubtedly, these creatures were minions of the recently deceased, Yori. Like their master, these beasts were no matches for our adventurers.

With the threat dispatched, Rangrim and his partners inspected the room. They found two letters. One was penned by Magthyra, and the other was obviously from none other than the infamous Nine-Fingers. After deciphering the information within these letters, it was becoming quite apparent that our heroes were in the middle of a tangled web of decent. Nine fingers and his group of lycanthropes had every intention of overthrowing Magthyra and taking over The Esteemed. Now our heroes just had to decide what they intended to do about it!

2nd Adventure
The Sword and the Scroll

Though still concerned about once again being deceived, our heroes awoke after a surprisingly peaceful sleep. These seemingly noble Dragonborn had kept their word and had indeed watched over them for the night. Later that same morning, all four of our adventurers met back up with Ghominn, the leader of the Dragonborn camp, and a member of sect known as The Order of the Dawn. He shared his story and his past with them and eventually trusted them enough to share with them his camp’s two most cherished possessions – the remains of The Longsword of Tempest, and an enigmatic and tattered scroll, which he was convinced was one part of the “Book of Five Truths.”

According to Ghominn, his sole duty was to get the scroll safely into the walls of Candlekeep. Once there, he hoped he would learn more about its’ history—and it’s place within the realm of Faerun. But with his soldiers weak and wounded, this journey was becoming more unlikely by the hour. However, with his newfound friendship with Rangrim, Manaf, An-Nasir, and the mysterious ranger, Mange, perhaps this was once again possible!

Unfortunately, before a decision could be reached about the final journey of the scroll, the camp found itself under fire. It was being flanked on two sides by a group of thugs, undoubtedly led by the treacherous Yori.

The noble An-Nasir and Manaf led their newly formed group to guard the eastern border while Ghominn and his kind stayed behind to try and defend themselves from a northern attack. Our heroes were very successful and were able to dispose of the men that formed the eastern attack. Sadly, the Dragonborn were not as fortunate.

Our heroes returned to camp to find it covered in flames! One by one, Yori and his lackeys had killed each member of the camp. Only Ghominn’s tent showed any signs of life or movement. And our group of heroes knew they had to try to get to this tent in an attempt to save him. But it was not meant to be. Before they could get to Ghominn, they had to fend off another large-scale attack.

Feeling betrayed and increasingly angry, Mange quickly focused his attention on their leader, Yori. With help from a skilled and determined Manaf, he eventually got the better of him, but it was at that monument that Yori showed his true form and shifted into a giant, human-sized rat. This brought out the beast within Mange and he once again attacked with even more rage! With two fast blows, he wounded and then beheaded their foe.

1st Adventure
A drunken guard and a dead family...

After long months traversing the wilds, Rangrim finally found his way to Baldur’s Gate – a land of freedom where he could make a new life. Once there, he found a place in the refugee camp to get a meal and frosty draught. But, his bizarre appearance and gruff nature led to him being accosted by some potential street urchins – a large Genasi, An-Nasir, and his companion, Manaf, saw the fight begin and intervened to help our heroic (yet dirty) dwarf.

From there, they found common allegiance in their hatred of slavery and desire to free and help the oppressed. While the three shared some drinks, a lone traveler burst into the tavern and exclaimed that his traveling party was accosted by “Dragon Men.” A local guard offered 50 gold per dragon head and, needing money, the newly formed group set out to seek revenge on those that killed the family (not to mention the bounty). They were joined by a mysterious man known only as Mange.

As they found the crime scene, they were accosted by a pack of wolves. Rangrim led his group to a decisive victory over the wolves. Afterward, the shifter Mange found the trail where the survivor led the stolen horses from the path and deeper into the woods.

The heroes with the newly found tracker were able to easy follow the tracks, which led them to a dying Dragonborn. After questioning him, it became clear our heroes were misled – the dragon men were actually the victims! Along with the family, they were attacked and killed by a group of human bandits. The Angry Dwarf led his group to the Dragonborn camp in an attempt to save the wounded dragon man. Once there, they were further convinced of the innocence of the Dragonborn and decided to stay in the camp overnight to discuss matters further under the light of the sun.


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